Lockdown Outdoor Training

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On Sunday the 14th June we held an outdoor training session at Long lane Football Club. Using social distancing rules we had 20 players in total, 3 meters apart. 5 in each group. 5 coaches with Jozef overseeing and timing the training.

If you would like to do the exercises.

All exercises are done in a minute cycle of 30 seconds/30 seconds
(30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest).
Each exercise is done TWICE.

Group 1
Deep squats
Forward lunges (alternately left-right)
Side lunges (alternately left-right)
Diagonal back lunges

Group 2
Jump squats
Split jumps
Frog jumps (forward-backward)
Jumping jacks
High knees

Group 3
Backward lunge to high knee (alternately left-right)
Skater jump left-right
Backward roll to one leg stance (alternately left-right)
Push up to deep squat
Alternate arm and leg extension (extended arms or on knees)

Group 4
Walk-out Push-ups
Plank Jacks (in-out)
Mountain climbers
Push up and pike
Plank (forearms to extended elbows)

Thank you to all the players and coaches that came.
A massive thank you to Long Lane Football Club for letting us use their facilities.

For more information visit. longlanejfc.co.uk