Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association (IYDA)

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Metro Judo Club in Partnership with Young Greenwich hosted the Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association (IYDA)

On Saturday 18 January 2020, we held a session for IYDA at our dojo. 

IYDA are also partners of Young Greenwich and offer a youth club for Farsi speaking communities in Royal Greenwich.

We held the session not only to share our sport with the youth club but to give the young people involved an opportunity to learn a new skill and meet new people, building friendships with the players of our club.

The session was well enjoyed by all, it was filled with basic Judo drills and movement as well as a number of Judo based games which saw the young people working as teams.

Shirin Azari, from IYDA said:
“The Metro Judo visit has been the highlight of the start of 2020 for us. The introduction session was performed professionally, calmly and thoroughly by the skilled instructer, Mick Murphy.”

Mick was also delighted with the outcome of the event and said:
“One of the joys of being a judo coach at Metro Judo Club is getting to meet people from all over the world, when they or their children come to the club to train.”
“We have children, young people from all over the world at the club, but this was our first visit from an Iranian group.”

Metro Judo club would like to extend a massive thank you, to all the volunteers and young people from our club, who gave up their Saturday morning to support the occasion and make our visitors welcome. Also to IYDA for being such

We look forward to collaborating with IYDA in the future and partnering with more organisations in our community through our Partners, Young Greenwich.

Young Greenwich