First 4 weeks, or first 4 lessons
The Metro judo club have insurance cover for 4 weeks or 4 lessons, for beginners.
First lesson is Free and the next 3 weeks, the cost will be £5 for each child, for each judo lesson.

At the end of those 4 weeks or 4 lessons, the children/adults will need to pay these fees, to continue coming to the club, as the temporary insurance cover, from the British judo association, will be over.

£20 for the first child
£15 for the second child
£10 for any other family members

Annual British Judo Association, Licence  (insurance cover)

These are the costs, as for October 2018, and onwards
Adult  £40, renewal £37
Student  £29, renewal £26
Junior u 16, £29, renewal £26

5 to 7 years old, £22

You can get you licence, by going online to the

Each player to have their own judo kit, which can be bought from the club
All new members, to get a free club Tee Shirt

Players then go on the monthly or 3 monthly, mat fees, payment scheme
Each player must pay up front, for his or her chosen Training Night

For example if you come on a Wednesday night, and there are 4 Wednesdays in the Month, they you will pay a total of, 4 x £4 = £16

Any other family member coming on the same night will pay
4 x £3 = £12

There are 4-quarter payments each year

January to March
April to June
July to September
October to December

If you choose to pay for 3 months, up front, then will take £5 off, the Total payment

Example, if you just came on a Wednesday night
First month, 5 nights  = 5 x £4 = £20
Second month 4 nights = 4 x £4 = £16
Third month 4 nights = 4 x £4 = £16
Total for 3 months = £52 – £5, total to pay is £47

If you come on a second night in the week then you will pay by cash, on the night
For the first player £3 and £2 for any other family member

Please note that we do not put training nights, during half term, or in the Month of August, on the monthly/3 monthly payment scheme

In the half term and the month of August, the club is only open on a Wednesday night. And you will pay cash on those training nights.

Parents and Guardians, please note, that all payment for Mat fees must be up-to-date, if you wish for your child to train at the Metro Judo club.

As from Monday the 7th of January 2019, any player/Adult one week in arrears, will not be allowed on the mat for training, until their mat fees have been paid.

If you need any other information on the payment of fees, then please contact

Mick Murphy
Club Secretary
07733235404 /

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